About Us

Valhalla Flower Farm Family

Valhalla Flower Farm is a family owned and operated farm, with three generations of the Wright family living among the flowers.  The slopes of Haleakala provide the perfect climate for our unusual protea flowers to thrive, with different varieties available year round.  With stunning views of Maui’s north shore, our boutique-style farm produces some of the most beautiful flowers on the island.  We hope to share the beauty we experience daily with your friends and family.

Fresh Picked

At Valhalla Flower Farm we strive to provide the freshest flowers for your order.  We pick fresh flowers daily and provide only the best quality available for our customers.   Flowers are shipped directly through FedEx from Maui to your door.

All orders received Monday through Wednesday can be delivered by Friday of the same week. Orders received Thursday, can arrive on Saturday for an additional $20 cost. If you need flowers to arrive on Saturday or Monday, call us to make special arrangements. Overnight shipping is rarely available to limited markets; call for inquiries.

Protea Flower in farm